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Who is Affected?


American Indians

  • American Indians experience death from diabetes at more than five times the rate of whites. 
  • American Indians are nearly twice as likely to get diabetes as whites.


North Dakotans 65 and Older

  • The aging population has a diabetes prevalence rate of 17.8 percent, nearly twice the rate of those ages 45 through 64, which is 9.2 percent. (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2008-2009) 



  • There has been a dramatic rise in children suffering from Type 2 diabetes. 
  • It has been linked to the rise in children being overweight due to lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits.


 Pregnant Women

  • Women who have had gestational diabetes have a 35 to 60 percent chance of developing diabetes in the next 10 to 20 years. (CDC. National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 2011)