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Dakota Diabetes Coalition (DDC)


The DDC was established in 2004 to assist diabetes stakeholders in their efforts to prevent and control diabetes for North Dakotans. In 2009, the DDC received its 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status. The DDC has grown to more than 100 members from all over North Dakota. The diverse membership includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds including nurses, dietitians, community educators, extension agents and physicians.

Some member benefits include:


  • Sharing resources and developing partnerships to make a greater impact. 
  • Networking with counterparts around the state to share ideas. 
  • Offering continuing education credit at an annual diabetes Summit.  
  • Providing Dr. Eric Johnson's bimonthly column on hot diabetes topics.
  • Receiving time-sensitive information via the Diabetes Listserv. 
  • Providing mini grant opportunities (dependent upon DDC funds). 
  • Attending CDC’s annual Diabetes Translation Conference with the North Dakota Diabetes Prevention and Control Program staff (dependent upon NDDPCP funding).